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Math T-Shirts

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People with a head for numbers will love the large, almost irrational number of math shirts at TeeShirtPalace.

Who said math isn’t any fun? People who know their mathematics can see the sine of a good math joke without making a tangent. Our funny math T-shirts feature plenty of hilarious memes and jokes about numbers, both real and imaginary. Whether you’re searching for the perfect Pi Day shirt or looking to surprise your favorite math teacher, you’ll find the perfect shirt right here.

We print all of our shirts on 100% cotton or poly-cotton blends for long-lasting softness and comfort, and our superior printing process means these designs resist fading, even after repeated washings. We’d like to say that all the colors, styles and designs means we have an infinite number of math shirts, but we’re not very good at math, so someone else can help us figure out that number.

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