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Long Sleeve Shirts

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Long Sleeve Shirts Making Your Voice Strong

At the Tee Shirt Palace, we have great shirt designs. Some are really pun-tastic, others are cute, but some of our most popular long sleeve shirts have a message that says exactly what you have been thinking. Whether you have a cause or belief you want to support, want to loudly declare your incredible awesomeness, or need to get your family a shirt that shows a tight bond, we have the design for you.

Let’s Talk Cotton

You will see most of our long sleeve shirts say that they are ‘ring-spun cotton’ or ‘100% Airlume’ cotton. Wonder what this actually means and why it’s important enough for us to mention it? The standard imported t-shirt material you’ve probably grown accustomed to are made with a “carded open-end” process. In comparison, the ring-spun process combs the raw cotton to remove any impurities, and this creates a long strand. This can then be used to create a tight and smooth jersey knit fabric. Other than the fact that it is so nice on the skin, one of the reasons we love airlume spun cotton here at the Tee Shirt Palace is the way it works with ink. The smooth and even surface makes it ideal for creating high quality printed long sleeve shirts. 

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