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Ultra Maga American Flag USA Made Face Mask

Ultra Maga American Flag USA Made Face Mask
Ultra Maga American Flag USA Made Face Mask

Ultra Maga American Flag USA Made Face Mask


SKU: UMA3968183-FM

Designed and sold by 1UpDesign

Color: blue
Color: blue
7" W X 5" L


SKU: UMA3968183-FM

Product Details

Washable, reusable & breathable Ultra Maga American Flag face mask. available in many styles, and colors.

  • 7" w x 5" L
  • There are no returns on face mask, all sales are final when ordering mask
  • 3-Plys of fabric
  • 100% cotton mask (Dark Ash: 90% cotton / 10% polyester)
  • Not medical grade
  • Made in the USA
Material And Instructions

100% cotton mask (Dark Ash: 90% cotton / 10% polyester)

Design By
Ultra Maga American Flag
Tags: Ultra Maga, Anti Biden, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Fjb, Joe Biden Sucks, Lets Go Brandon, Maga, Maga 2024, Maga 2022, make america great again, American Flag, Patriotic , trump 2024

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Customer Reviews

Runs small
True to size
Runs large

4.23 out of 5

"Not good"
Ulises Villa Balderrama on 4/27/2022

Super wide and does not work well as a face mask at all! Only reason it gets 2 stars is because the axolotl design is cute but this was a waste of money unfortunately.

"Perfect Fit"
Mary Romano on 4/21/2022

The quality is great and it is very comfortable :)

"Cannit wear it"
Tina Martin on 4/10/2022

Cannot wear more than a few minutes to hard to breath in it 2 layers of thick material is too much. Needs to fit around ears...should have put elastic instead of cloth. Very disappointed

"Mask "
Arja Hayse on 3/13/2022

Great product will make a great gift.

"Runs small"
Larisa Marsa on 3/10/2022

Good quality but runs small a bit

"Covid survivor mask"
Mrs. Louise Simone on 2/8/2022

The mask fits well and has a great message

"Doesn't fit"
Lori Willis on 2/4/2022

This mask is a flat piece of cloth with two loops on the end, so if you want a mask that fits to your face at all, this is not the one for you. The fabric is soft and the graphic is nice, but it is not at all functional.

"tight fit"
Thomas Adams on 1/27/2022

The ear straps are to short. They need to be elastic or adjustable. That is the only problem