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Let’s Go Brandon US Flag Gift Coaster

Let’s Go Brandon US Flag Gift Coaster
Let’s Go Brandon US Flag Gift Coaster

Let’s Go Brandon US Flag Gift Coaster


SKU: LGB9400453-CST

Designed and sold by Jin Design

Color: navy
Color: navy


Product Details
  • 4 Inches By 4 Inches
  • vibrant prints
  • Square tile coaster measuring 4 Inch x 4 Inch, 1/6-inch thick Coasters are ideal for both hot and cold beverages
Washing Instructions

Machine Washable safe to be washed in a washing machine. Wash inside out: To protect the decoration on the t-shirt, it is recommended to wash it inside out. This will help prevent fading or cracking of the design. Cold water: Use cold water for washing your product to keep the fabric and color from fading or shrinking. Dry low heat: After washing, it is recommended to tumble dry on low heat. This will help to maintain the shape and size of the t-shirt. Tumble dry: Tumble drying on low heat is the recommended method for drying. Do not iron decorated areas: To preserve the design on your t-shirt, it is important not to iron over the decorated areas. Doing so may cause damage to the design and decrease its longevity. Note: Always follow the care label instructions on the for best results.

Design By
Jin Design
SKU: LGB9400453-CST

Let’s Go Brandon US Flag Gift
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That's not what we heard Let's Go Brandon, Joe Biden Chant, Impeach Biden Costume , Fake news strikes again . Let's Go Brandon Tee is sarkastic Conservative Tee for Anti Liberal Jokes with Sarcastic Sayings in a fun way. This design says Let's Go Brandon and features a pair of aviator sunglasses with the American flag. For fans of the newly famous Let's Go Brandon chant that can be heard across stadium in this country.

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