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The TeeShirtPalace affiliate program enables you to find and promote the products you love while making extra income along the way.

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How It Works


Find products you are passionate about and promote them easily using your own custom affiliate link. The more products you promote the more money you can earn


When you promote a product you directly benefit designers from our team and from stores. Promoting products helps bring people with similar interests together and can provide designers a stable income to continue to design what they love.


Any time a customer uses your custom affiliate link to purchase a product you will recieve 15% of the ENTIRE order value. This provides people with an easy way to promote products that they are passionate about while also making an extra source of income easily

Finding My Affiliate Link

To find your affiliate link head over to the search page and find a product you like! Click the product you want to share and on the product page there will be an affiliate link box in in the upper right of the page. Share this specific link and anyone who uses that link and places a sale will get you 15% of the total sale price!

You can check what affiliate links you have shared in your affiliate links dashboard

**Make sure to test each affiliate link you go to share and make sure it is showing up in your affiliate links dashboard and clicks are tracking! This is very important to ensure you will receive the 15% sales percentage of all the sales you bring in with that link!

Your Earnings

Product Regular Price You Earn
Trucker Hat $16.99 $2.55
Hoodie $44.99 $6.75
Coffee Mug $13.99 $2.10
T-Shirt $19.99 $3.00
Women's T-Shirt $23.99 $3.60

+ 50 More Unique Products

Extra Money For Storefronts

If you have a store on our site and want to get extra money out of your sales, you can combine your profits with the affiliate program! Share your products on social media or other platforms via the affiliate links provided to you and get 10% for your store sale plus an additional 15% for your affiliate link sale! That's 25% of each sale as direct profits to you!