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Star Trek T-Shirts & Merchandise If you’re a Star Trek fan, this is the page for you. This is the Star Trek page of TeeShirtPalace. We have tons of amazing Star Trek apparel and tee shirts for you to enjoy. It all starts when you pick from our astounding gallery of amazing t-shirts and other apparel. There are more choices of Star Trek apparel then there are stars in the sky (at least, within 4 or 5 parsecs). If you’re interested in getting the latest apparel from us, just pick a design, a size, a color, a type of apparel and enter your billing information. We’ll get your order out in the mail system as soon as possible. TeeShirtPalace even has a unique policy of offering a complete satisfaction guarantee. We know that you’re going to love whatever we sell you, because we do business with honor. We know that a happy customer is the most likely to come back and we’re going to do everything in our power to make that happen. Star Trek is a show about the exploring of the borders of known reality. It’s a show that seeks to go where no man has gone before and to really see what the world is made of. The idea is to explore the borders of reality, kind of like when you get t-shirts or piece of Star Trek apparel from us. You’re going to be able to explore the edges of reality with the latest Star Trek apparel. Weather you're looking for Star Trek Movies Shirts all the way to Star Trek - The Animated Series we have it all. While it might not be the cosmos you’re exploring, in terms of socializing you’ll be able to find other fans of the series. Your best friend and fellow Trekkie could be sitting right next to you. These shirts could be the one thing you need to bridge that gap and you’ll never know unless you try it.