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Farscape T-Shirts

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If you hear Crichton and think of a dashing captain instead of a Jurassic storyteller, you’ll love a Farscape T-shirt from TeeShirtPalace.

Between 1999 and 2003, fans devoured episodes of this brilliant sci-fi show featuring astronaut John Crichton and a band of aliens aboard the living spaceship Moya. After getting cancelled four seasons in, they waited more than a year for a three-hour movie that wrapped up the show’s main cliffhanger.

Our Farscape shirts are the draddest, no boll yotz. You’ll find logos and pictures of the cast, including closeups of the series’ biggest heroes and villains, and hilarious gags, memes and inside jokes from the show.

They are all printed on super-soft 100% cotton or poly cotton blends and will stay just as soft through repeated binge-watching sessions. Thanks to streaming TV services, the legion of Farscape fans keeps growing, so surprise them with an incredible Farscape T-shirt as a gift along with a toast of raz’lak. Yotza!

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